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Halloween Decoration Inspiration

October 23, 2016


I LOVE Halloween! I may even like it more than Christmas because I love decorating for it and costuming. I’ve been accumulating indoor and outdoor decorations for years and thought you would enjoy some pics of my “spooky” pad to garner your own inspiration. My indoor decor game is probably stronger than outdoor because I lived in apartments for so many years. But now that I have my own house, I’ve been stepping up my outdoor decor.

Halloween Window Decals

Halloween window silhouettes

This year, I found these really easy and cheap Halloween window decals from Party City. You just get double-sided tape and stick them on the interior of your windows. When you turn on a light in the room, they glow and show the silhouettes on the exterior.

Front Porch Halloween Decorations

Front door halloween decorations

Front Yard Cemetery and Bones

Halloween Bones and tombstones

Mercury, Black and Silver Table Scape

Halloween black and silver table decorations

Haunted Buffet


Spiders and Cob Webs on Fireplace



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