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I am a web editor who loves  food, travel, health, and all things lifestyle. You will find that this site is at times food heavy, and it is because I am obsessed with eating and all things culinary. My love for cooking and dining began as a young child growing up on a farm in Northern California. It was there that I learned to plant and pick fruits and vegetables, bake, and cook. But my desire to write about food and lifestyle didn’t come until later when I began traveling the learning about the myriads of different culinary styles, architecture and beautiful sites throughout the world.

I received my Master’s degree and a magazine concentration from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2009 and began work as a health reporter at the Times-Picayune in New Orleans shortly thereafter. My most recent work in food was for Southern Progress Corporation as an online editor and writer for the brands Southern Living, Coastal Living, My Recipes and Sunset. You can view my work on my portfolio website

So why am I a wannabe you ask? I am by no means a professional chef or interior designer and I make mistakes like the rest of us. I’m just a modern-day gal trying to juggle a career, create a beautiful home, throw lovely parties and cook delicious food. I hope you find inspiration in this site  and know that if I can do it, so can you!

When I’m not working as a Web Manager for a non-profit hospital, you will find me glued to HGTV and the Food Network, shopping for home accents, or in the kitchen testing out the latest recipe I have been drooling over and finally got around to trying.

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