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Halloween Apron!

October 28, 2010

Halloween is probably my favorite holidays or it’s at least evenly tied with Christmas and I LOVE decorating for it! I have been moving a lot in the past few years so most of my decorations are back home in California, but I still try to add to the collection wherever I go. And the collection definitely includes home goods like dish towels, place mats, and of course, aprons.

I have an annual tradition of baking Halloween cookies decked out with sparkly sprinkles and spooky/cheesy designs, so when I found this adorable apron I couldn’t resist. I like that it’s kind of ironic given that the apron has a gravestone and says R.I.P. when the person wearing it will most likely be a well-mannered domesticated lady. I love the sparkly belt, and the frills below the bats. I admit it’s more cutsey than scary but hey, sometimes housewives and domestic wannabes can be very scary too…

Where to get it: T.J.Maxx stores

Stay tuned for more of my awesome aprons to come.

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