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Indoor Herb Garden Goes Outdoor

May 28, 2011

About a year ago I planted Basil, Parsley and Rosemary while living in Birmingham, AL. Since I didn’t have a yard at the time, I planted them in pots with drainage and put them in the window in my house with the most sunlight. They did really well and were great for adding flavor to my recipes, however, I knew they would eventually require larger pots and more space.

I moved to New Orleans this past December and you better believe I took my herbs with me. They actually rode in the front seat for the drive because I wanted to make sure they weren’t damaged. After a year of TLC, I couldn’t let all of my time I spent tending them go to waste. It was cold when I first moved so I kept them indoors for about 2 months, then spent another month shuffling them in and out of the house every morning and night so they could get the appropriate amount of sun. Eventually, I had to replant the basil and the rosemary in larger pots and since then, they are doing better than ever. It is very important for all plants to have the proper amount of space for growth and drainage.

Rosemary is a very hearty herb and can withstand all kind of climates and soils. It is like a shrub and eventually will require pruning because its branches get so big.

The Basil loves the humidity in New Orleans and the frequent rainfall. It requires a lot of sunlight and plenty of water. It also is important for the Basil to have good drainage.

The Parsley has been a little more fickle lately and if you compare the pictures it was actually doing better indoors. I think it might be overwatering it, based on what I’ve read so I’m going to give it a break for a while and see how it goes.

My favorite herb to cook with is Basil and since my plant is doing so well right now, be on the lookout for new recipes showcasing this wonderful, aromatic and flavorful herb.

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