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Pet Pose Of The Week: Upside down Tuna

September 1, 2011

I don’t know how much catnip Tuna had this day but she was feeling frisky and decided to get a little crazy under my desk while I was watching TV. I looked over from the couch to find her staring at me like this. The best part is….she stayed in this exact position long enough for me to grab my camera, kneel down and get some good shots of her. Look at her mouth! She must take after her mother (me)….crazy like a fox! I promise next week I will not feature my cats!

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  1. Glen P permalink
    September 4, 2011 1:48 am

    Poor thing. They need more attention. I’ve never been to this club in the quarter. I told you it wouldn’t be long til you were pulling them off the pole! hahah..


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